I don’t wanna show my FB post with YOU!

For me, the best thing that the facebook developers did was the “Who can see your future post?”

This feature is so amazing.  I’ve observing this feature for almost a week now.  And today I am ready to recommend this to everybody.

Recently facebook has announced the introduction of Graph search.  And part of this improvement is the development of “Who can see your future post” under “Who can see your stuff?”.

“Who can see your future post? setting gives you the power to manipulate your facebook profile.  Which means you have the full power to choose the audience you want to share your posts, pictures, events, videos and so on.

This is really applicable to a person like me who has variety of friends.  For instance I could only share things about art only to the people who are interested to art. I could only share my tagalog post; only to Filipinos; and share about music, only to my musician friends.

And the good thing.. You don’t have to worry that your friends will find out about your “limitation tecnique” (that’s how I called it).

Okey, lets beggin…  Go to your privacy setting.


Click on “Who can see my stuff?” and have a play.  There are three areas to look at:

                Who can see my future posts?

                    Where can I review my posts and all things I’m tagged in?

                   What do other people see on my Timeline?

Let go to “Who can see my future posts?” Now you can restrict what information your friends and strangers can easily browse through.

You can always customize your friend’s list; so you are able to make loads of choices.  So go to CUSTOM.


Then make a lists..


Remember that you can always turn your custom settings back to original or custom setting.  But once you turned it off, it will automatically go back to the default settings, and if you never changed your default setting, your post will automatically show up to the public audience.  So remember to check it before posting it on you wall.

Now, You are ready to post everything with limited audience.




Facebook Developer